01 September 2014

Partners Hair Design 30 Year Anniversary

Partners Hair Design 30 Year Anniversary
Thirty years ago, Lewis Thomas opened the first Partners Hair Salon. Today, this iconic salon chain celebrates a milestone anniversary.

Partners Hair Design (PHD) is one of the most successful and innovative salon groups in the industry today. In its thirty-year history, salon owner Lewis Thomas and the group have won many major awards, including the Paul Mitchell Hairstylist of the Year Team Event, the Glamour Magazine Gold Award, and the international Global Salon Business Award.

PHD was founded by Lewis Thomas, a then 29-year old immigrant from the United Kingdom. The first salon opened in October 1984 in the Grove Building in Claremont, Cape Town.

“Those were cash-strapped times.” Lewis remembers. “In order for me to realise my dream of being a salon owner, some of the compromises I had to make to fund the business included selling my wife’s car, and travelling home night after night with bags filled with towels to wash. Only much later could I afford a washing machine and tumble dryer for the salon – resulting in me being able to add a few more valuable hours of sleep to my nights?”

Since then the brand has grown from a very humble start with one salon, 400 clients and a monthly turnover of R16, 000, to more than 250 full-time employees working in 22 hairdressing salons (comprising 14 unisex and 8 gents salons), strategically and conveniently located in all the major, upmarket shopping centres across the Western Cape with an average of between 13, 500 and 17, 253 clients per month.

In addition to the PHD salons and an in-house training PHD training school which was established 28 years ago, the Seta accredited Partners Hair Design Training Academy was founded in January 2012. The training academy, operating from a separate location, carries its own identity within the PHD family.

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Partners Hair Design 30 Year Anniversary

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