01 April 2015

From The Cutting Point Newsletter - Summer 2015

From the Cutting Point Newsletter - Summer 2015  PHD Owner Lewis Thomas
PHD Owner Lewis Thomas
What a fantabulistic year we have had. All our clients have been so supportive. We celebrate them coming back year in, year out! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! thank you for your continued, loyal support.

Our colour special remains as popular as ever. Excellent value meets excellent service. Every one of our stylists continues to grow from strength to strength. They have truly mastered the craft and look forward to your continued patronage on colour special days.

We were very privileged this year in that we were able to take more than 40 staff members, at various times, to Johannesburg.It was an absolute marvel seeing their delight at each morsel of education they received. The flights up and down were a barrel of laughs and for some, it was the first time they had flown. It was an honour being part of their journey. Well done to all of you! For the first time, we were represented at the Men’s fashion week. Nabeel and his team participated as stylists to the models for the duration of the show. Over the three nights of the event our team did about 60 styles each evening, Wow! 180 of our styles on the catwalk!

Well done to Nabeel and his team, we are very very proud of you!

Happy cutting. Lewis

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The Cutting Point Newsletter - Summer 2015

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